Tips to Stay Sober During the Holidays

Sobriety after detoxing can be challenging at times when you are first going through it, but if you also throw in the holidays, there are a plethora of new challenges in terms of parties, families, and friends. Your sobriety and the work you did during detox are fragile, and to protect your life you’ve got to protect yourself in these situations. Here are some simple tips to keep you focused on your health and wellness during the holiday season:

If you feel tempted, ask for help: 
Before the holidays hit, make sure you know of people you can call on if the temptations get too great. Also, if you are traveling outside your comfort zone, be sure to know where there are different support options that you could take advantage of, such as meetings.

Plan actual activities rather than just sitting around:
If you just plan on sitting around during the holidays, you are more likely to get bored. Being bored can lead you to make poor decisions. Rather than doing that, you should plan fun outings with friends and family. These things will fill your time with positive experiences rather than negative setbacks.

Be careful about what you consume/serve yourself:
When going to holiday parties, food and drinks will be served, and if offered, it might be too big of a temptation to say no. A good idea with this is to bring your own drinks (water bottles, soda cans, etc.) so you don’t even have to visit the bar area.

Don’t be afraid to tell people where you are at:
The biggest elephant in the room is you pretending like you have not gone through detox or are not currently going through your sobriety journey. So tell people! Don’t be afraid of honest. This could also help squash people offering you what you shouldn’t have before it even happens. Half the time people don’t realize you are going through an issue with drugs/alcohol, and offering drinks at a party is considered a trait of a good host. Stop that from happening before it even starts.

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