Welcome to the Capo Canyon Blog Site!

Capo Canyon House Front Exterior

Capo Canyon House Front Exterior

Welcome to the Capo Canyon Recovery blog site! Capo Canyon Recovery’s mission is to provide a safe location for detoxification, that gives you comfort, access to medical care, and individualized and specialized care. Our detox facility is located in Laguna Niguel, CA, near Mission Viejo, CA, Aliso Viejo, CA, and Lake Forest, CA.

What Does Capo Canyon Offer?

The main services we offer include detox, holistic services, treatment, and referrals. In terms of detox, we have a licensed physician and her staff of nurses on-site to oversee your care and health as you go through the process. For holistic services, you can individualize your treatment with acupuncture appointments, yoga, guided meditation, fitness classes, and beach activities. All of these activities assist in your well-rounded recovery. For treatment, we offer both individual and group therapy, as well as educational programs to help with any on-going emotional issues. For referrals, we can guide you towards quality outpatient programs and sober living facilities to continue your recovery.

The length and time you are with us in our detox facility dependent on our physician’s examination of you, as well as the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. We want to get you moving on with your treatment as soon as possible, so you will be closely monitored to determine that. We also offer introductions into local 12-step self-help meetings, and offer fun sober activities including going to the movies, kayaking, bowling and more, all while being accompanied by our staff and your fellow group of clients.

What Will You Find on the Capo Canyon Blog?

Our blog will feature helpful tips and guidance regarding detoxing, sobriety, and living a full and happy life without substances. We’ll cover all different types of detox, including drug detox, alcohol detox, prescription detox, heroin detox, and more. Have questions? Contact us here at Capo Canyon Recovery here in Laguna Niguel, CA to learn more and start your journey through detox and into recovery today. And check back to the blog often to learn the latest in detoxing, sobriety, and life after detox. 

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