How to Handle Holiday Dinners after Detox

" Person Cuisine " by rawpixel via Pixabay( CC0 Creative Commons )

"Person Cuisine" by rawpixel via Pixabay(CC0 Creative Commons)

People who have struggled with addiction issues and have completed detox treatment at a rehab center still have some challenges to face when they return home. Detox is the medical process where someone who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol ceases to use so as to rid the body of all the associated toxins that have built up over time. Leaving the comforts and control of a place like Capo Canyon Recovery can be a scary idea, but a necessary one to fully integrate back into a normal life.

How to Cope in the Holiday Season

For some people, going through detox is challenging although withdrawal symptoms can be made more comfortable with medical supervision and once completed, there is coping with life in recovery to consider. As we approach the Holiday Season, we take a look at how people can cope with the festivities and feasting at Christmas time when they’ve completed detox so that they don’t relapse into addictive behaviors.

Remember that Addiction is a Family Affair

The most important takeaway for someone attending a rehab clinic is establishing a strong support network they can lean on when things get tough in recovery. Having people close at hand or at the end of the phone who have been through similar experiences themselves is an enormous confidence-booster for a recovering addict. This is why attending a professional rehabilitation center is always recommended as it is the best environment to form a firm network of mutual support.

It is always important to bear in mind that avoiding alcohol is not always an easy task, particularly during the Holidays when family is gathered together. A former addict may feel tempted to withdraw away from festivities for fear of being exposed to triggers for relapse but this can lead to other complications. For example, withdrawing away at a time when the rest of the world is coming together can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, with an attached risk of self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. Fight that urge to retreat with a strong support system.

Get Help for your Addiction at Capo Canyon Recovery

For someone who has a history of prolonged substance abuse, detox is just the first step in the journey towards sobriety and a healthy recovery. It is also something that doesn’t just affect the sufferer but the people close to them too. Rehabilitation centers can be extremely helpful in showing you how to handle family relationships when there is a loved one going through drug or alcohol detox. Capo Canyon Recovery is an addiction treatment center offering drug and alcohol detox in Laguna Niguel, CA. Our center provides the perfect environment to treat people with addiction illness and we actively encourage the participation of families and close friends. If you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved on near Mission Viejo, CA, contact Capo Canyon Recovery in confidence today.

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