Resolutions to Make in Preparation for the New Year

New Year  by monicore via Pixabay ( CC0 Creative Commons )

New Year by monicore via Pixabay (CC0 Creative Commons)

Shifting from the old year into the new gives us all the opportunity to take a retrospective look at our lives and make adjustments for a more positive future. This is especially important for recovering addicts who can benefit greatly from focusing more on what is to come, rather than dwelling on what has been. Making New Year resolutions is a great way to incorporate new, healthy behaviors into your life while eliminating the habits or attitudes that hold you back from a full life in sobriety.

Resolutions to Make to Help in Your Recovery

Here are some suggestions of realistic and unique resolutions to make in recovery if you have completed rehabilitation from drug or alcohol addiction and are learning to cope with daily life afterwards:

Try New Things

Breaking old patterns of behavior is vital in addiction recovery and also a healthy way of getting to know the things that interest you and those that don’t. Taking part in activities that are outside of your comfort zone is a great way of challenging your attitudes, which may have become negatively biased as a consequence of addiction. Engaging in new hobbies or sports and getting involved with other groups of people is a great way of making a positive change that can also greatly assist in strengthening your support network should things become difficult for you going forward.

Keep a Journal

Time passes by so quickly that we often don’t appreciate or acknowledge the important aspects of our journey. Keeping a journal allows you to assimilate your thoughts and feelings in response to events in your daily life that can provide a powerful insight into what changes you need to make going forward. You don’t have to write eloquently or at great length but identifying your emotional journey through the years and including the things that touch you or anger you on a deeper level is a positive step towards maintaining sobriety.


One of the most important takeaways from specialist addiction treatment is that you learn how to communicate what you’re thinking and feeling to others. Many people with addiction issues become withdrawn and isolated because they fear being harshly judged for what they’re going through. Often, addiction treatment is the first opportunity many addicts have to express themselves openly in a non-judgmental environment in group or individual therapy. Learning how to open up is integral to the success of addiction treatment and also contributes to re-building relationships with close friends and family that might have been damaged by negative behaviors in the past.

Thrive in the New Year with Specialist Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment at Capo Canyon Recovery

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