Detoxing as an Older Adult

Person by  Unsplash  via Pixabay (Public Domain)

Person by Unsplash via Pixabay (Public Domain)

Going through the detoxification process is no easy feat at any age, but when you’ve been dependent on drugs or alcohol for prolonged periods of your life, there can be special needs associated with your more mature age. The kind of methods and treatment programs designed for younger patients with addiction issues might not be as appropriate for older adults, without specifically tailoring the programs. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery can assist you in your daily needs, supervise your medications, provide drug/alcohol testing, and monitor your status. 

Why is Detox a Different Kind of Challenge for Older Patients?

Because many older adults have been dependent on alcohol or drugs over a longer period of time, they have developed a resistance to the effects of whatever substance they are addicted to. For that reason, it is often hard to diagnose addiction in older people who metabolize substances at a different rate to teenagers and young adults. Younger patients tend to consume greater amounts of alcohol or drugs to become intoxicated than older people.

Also, older patients have symptoms of aging that may well mask the signs of any addiction they may have. For example, there’s always an element of memory loss as we get older which is also a symptom of alcohol abuse.

Withdrawal and the Older Detox Patient

Unfortunately, withdrawal symptoms can be more pronounced in older patients that may require medical treatment. At Capo Canyon Recovery, we have experience of providing high-quality detox treatment for patients and can help with any discomfort you may have to endure during the withdrawal process. Using the appropriate medical treatments through this difficult first step to an addiction-free life is vital.

Take the First Step Today with Detox at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel

Here at Capo Canyon Recovery, our goal is to provide you with a safe detoxification experience in a controlled, licensed, and residential environment. Our drug, alcohol, and prescription drug detox programs are fully supervised and tailor-made to your specific needs. That’s important when you embark on your journey to detox from any substance. You need to feel that you are completely informed and supported throughout the process so that you are armed to continue your recovery on your own when you have completed your detox program at Capo Canyon Recovery. Start your journey today- contact us with any questions or to begin your intake process.

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