Differences Between Drug and Alcohol Detox

Medicine  and  Wine - both images from Pixabay (Public Domain)

Medicine and Wine- both images from Pixabay (Public Domain)

No matter what addiction challenges you face, the process of recovery and rehabilitation can be a life-long process. Although addiction in its generic form has specific treatment options, there are a few differences between the detox process for alcohol and drug addiction to take into consideration. Here we take a look at the different treatment options pertaining to both drug and alcohol detox.

Options for Drug Detox

Any substance addiction requires an element of recovery and it’s often the step that prevents many addicts from taking the first step, albeit unnecessarily. Although withdrawal can be uncomfortable and complex in individual cases, supervision and treatment through the experience can make the difference between success and failure.

The medications you’ll be prescribed for drug detox are different to those used in alcohol rehab, using medications like methadone as a substitute for highly-addictive chemical substances, while the patient releases dependency through the recovery process. Synthetic drugs create variable reactions including delirium, unlike alcohol and methadone, which can simulate the physical effects without the associated “high.” This is an integral part of successful, long term recovery.

Options for Alcohol Detox

The most significant difference between alcohol and drug detoxification is that the withdrawal process is more comfortable (although, still not a walk in the park). There are no symptoms like delirium, although alcohol withdrawal may cause irritability, depression, chills and sweating and again, supervision is key in order to best manage the symptoms for maximum patient comfort. Just 5% of detoxing alcoholics experience withdrawal symptoms requiring advanced medical supervision and with our highly-qualified detox practitioners on-hand here at Capo Canyon Recovery, you’ll be assured of individualized and personalized attention so that your specific needs are met.

Be Assured of the Best Professional Attention for Drug and Alcohol Detox at Capo Canyon Recovery

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Southern California, Capo Canyon Recovery is a welcome retreat where you can receive the best specialist attention on your journey into detox. We offer highly-qualified supervision for alcohol and drug detox near Mission Viejo, CA and Aliso Viejo, CA and are always here to help you take the first steps towards an addiction-free life. Whether you require drug or alcohol detox, Capo Canyon Recovery will help you set yourself free from addiction. Contact us today for a private consultation and to begin your intake process.

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