Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

" Alcohol Cocktail Drink " by Pexels via Pixabay (Public Domain)

"Alcohol Cocktail Drink" by Pexels via Pixabay (Public Domain)

Alcohol is distributed around your body by your blood as you drink and even the smallest amount can have a physiological effect. You’ll lose a small amount of alcohol as it leaves your body in your breath and urine but your tolerance will depend heavily on how much you’ve had to eat. Food that is high in fat slows down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and it will take longer to feel intoxicated although there are other, more damaging effects of alcohol on your overall health to take into consideration. Detoxing from alcohol abuse is tough, but we here at Capo Canyon Recovery can help. After you learn the negative effects that alcohol can have on your body, we believe that you’ll want to begin your process of recovery today.

The Effect of Alcohol on the Excretory System

Too much alcohol can cause your pancreas to have severely reduced function which results in inflammation and a condition known as pancreatitis. The symptoms include severe abdominal pain and the condition can destroy the organ altogether. Alcohol abuse is one of the most common reasons for a pancreatitis diagnosis.

Liver damage is another common effect of alcohol addiction and continued use can prevent the liver from performing its function of breaking down harmful substances, including alcohol. Jaundice can develop as a result of alcoholic hepatitis caused by excessive alcohol abuse and if the liver becomes inflamed, it can lead to cirrhosis.

How Alcohol Affects your Behavior and Central Nervous System

A change in your behavior is often one of the first signs of there being alcohol in your system. You’ll notice losing the ability to speak clearly and you’ll feel wobbly on your feet, which is one of the tell-tale signs of intoxication. As you drink, alcohol will be travelling throughout your body in your bloodstream, reaching your brain and central nervous system and causing the dizzying effect of being drunk.

Drinking to excess on a regular basis will be detrimental to your ability to think clearly and over time the brain cells in your frontal lobes will be destroyed, which in severe cases can progress to early onset dementia and other permanent brain deterioration.

Detox Successfully at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel

You’ll find an understanding and confidential welcome here at Capo Canyon Recovery. We are a residential detox and treatment facility in Southern California and can offer you all the support you need to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. We offer specialized programs for your individual alcohol or drug detox needs so that you receive the ultimate in one-to-one support through your journey to recovery. Our program includes nurses and support staff available at all times to assist you in your detoxification journey. If you’re ready to take the first step to living a healthy and happy life, contact us here at Capo Canyon Recovery today for a private consultation.

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