Why Addiction is a Family Affair

" Hand Life Swirl " by Rhythm_In_Life via Pixabay (Public Domain)

"Hand Life Swirl" by Rhythm_In_Life via Pixabay (Public Domain)

When someone has issues with addiction, they are suffering from a disease which can often tear families apart as they try to understand, support, and help their relative. It’s never a case of just the addict that goes through addiction, because everyone else in the family are usually pulled into the situation, even if the addict has moved away. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA can help patients detox from what’s hurting them, and in turn can begin to help the family recover from months and maybe years of abuse.

Accepting there is a Problem is the First Big Step towards Recovery

One of the biggest issues with addicts is their inability to see there is a problem. Oftentimes, they will be oblivious to the signals they are sending their family through the changed behavior that comes with addiction. Addiction is a lonely place even if the addict is surrounded by loved ones. Unfortunately, the journey into and out of addiction is not pleasant and so it's important to act when the addicted person feels ready to accept the help.

You have to understand the changes in your loved one are not of their own doing. You’ll see their personality deteriorate into a person you no longer recognize or trust. When addicts are in the grip of addiction, other people are obstacles to their getting inebriated and there can often be angry exchanges and confrontations when addicts feel challenged by their families.

The most important thing to remember when you’re dealing with addiction in the family is that you need to be a strong unit, with every family member recognizing that they are on the same team. Consistency is important when you’re dealing with addicts and so helping with a loved one’s recovery is always going to be a family affair.

Support for Families of Addicted Loved Ones at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA

It’s easy to see how addiction affects the whole family and it comes as no surprise that many people find it too stressful and complex to deal with alone. At Capo Canyon Recovery, we have experience in treating addiction and can help you get your loved ones through drug detox or alcohol detox at our treatment center near Mission Viejo, CA. If you belong to the family of an addicted loved one and want to know more about our comprehensive range of detox programs, contact us today for a consultation in confidence.

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