Three Healthy Habits to Adopt After Detox

" Wanderer " by Hermann via Pixabay (Public Domain)

"Wanderer" by Hermann via Pixabay (Public Domain)

You’re much more likely to be successful on your recovery journey if you change the routine of your life to reflect a new, healthier you. It’s not just about taking up a hobby and hoping it sticks, we’re talking about altering your lifestyle significantly to include habits that are better for your mental health. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery can help you determine and explore new hobby and habit options, but for now, here are three ideas for you to consider:

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Stepping outside to really appreciate your environment can be an extremely elevating experience. Take yourself for a leisurely walk or an invigorating hike, depending on your mood. While you’re out and about, look around at your surroundings and take time to check out any wildlife. Don’t limit yourself to the land either. Think about swimming, especially in an outdoor pool or natural lake, as it’s a great all-round cardio exercise that’ll give you a feel-good buzz.

Join Local Clubs

A huge benefit after detox is to eliminate the negative influences in your life by replacing them with a healthier influence. You can do this by finding other like-minded people to network with at local clubs and associations. Think about the kind of activities you already enjoy or you want to learn more about and find a local group that is the perfect fit.

Exercise More

As part of your recovery, you should consider building a regular workout routine into your day. Every other day is a good regime to follow and allows time for your body to rest between sessions. Once you have pushed yourself to stick to a routine for more than two weeks, you’ll find the motivation to continue. A good workout where you feel your muscles burn will leave you feeling re-energized. It’s worth bearing in mind that working out first thing in the morning sets you up for a positive day.

Find a Healthier You at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA

If you have issues with alcohol or drug dependency, Capo Canyon Recovery provides discreet and personal treatment to help you develop healthy habits after detox. After a consultation, our experienced therapists can create a detox program that is suited to your personal case. If you are looking for new habits to adopt once you’re on the road to recovery in Mission Viejo, CA, make us here at Capo Canyon Recovery your first phone call. Contact us today to find out more.

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