How to Choose the Right Detox Facility

" Board Arrows Decisions " by Geralt via Pixabay (Public Domain)

"Board Arrows Decisions" by Geralt via Pixabay (Public Domain)

If you or a loved one needs detox from drug or alcohol addiction, finding the right facility can be a very daunting task. Can you afford it? What should you look for? Is it a residential facility or not? Has the staff got the right credentials for the job? There are so many questions you want answers to that it can seem like an impossible task. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery want to arm you with the tools you need to pick the right facility:

As with Everything, Knowledge is Power

The first step is to see what recovery centers there are that are accessible to you, either by distance or cost. You can best do this online by running a simple search. Then have a thorough read of everything that’s offered. You’ll be able to tell a lot about a detox center from the content on their website and where there is scant information on pricing; you can follow up your research with direct communication either by email or phone. The most important thing to check up on is whether there are licensed counselors and therapists working on-site and what credentials they have. You can find all of that information easily about Capo Canyon Recovery by checking out our website, or calling our 24/7 hotline- 1-(800)-804-8714.

How Easy is Funding to Arrange?

You have to make sure you can afford a detox program for your own peace of mind, so it’s well worth checking out all angles before selecting your detox center. Does your insurance cover the center you’ve chosen? If you find it difficult to access affordable detox treatment, you may be able to claim access to a state-supported program. If you have questions about what your insurance will cover with Capo Canyon Recovery, feel free to call our hotline at 1-(800)-804-8714 or email

Consider your Aftercare Concerns

It’s one thing finding the right detox center but if it doesn’t include adequate aftercare, you might want to think again. You have to consider what support will be available to you once you have completed the program and whether you’ll be assigned a qualified counselor to help you when you’re back in your home environment. Also, check whether the detox center has any family services as loved ones need access to qualified therapists too. Our team of professionals can answer all of these questions and more when you call 1-(800)-804-8714, or fill out our contact form.

Get Expertly Supervised Detox at Capo Canyon Recovery

We are a dedicated group of professional and accredited alcohol and drug rehabilitation specialists, ready to support you on your journey towards recovery from addiction. Our detox center in Laguna Niguel provides the perfect environment for you to receive personal treatment that’s right for you. We specialize in prescription drug detox and alcohol detox. If you’re choosing the right detox facility for yourself or a loved one, contact Capo Canyon Recovery today.

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