The Importance of Honesty During Intake

" Truth Falsity " by Ramdlon via Pixabay (Public Domain)

"Truth Falsity" by Ramdlon via Pixabay (Public Domain)

Honesty is integral to successfully detoxing from alcohol or drug abuse and it starts being important from the moment professional help is accessed. When you’re completely honest about how much it is you are drinking or using, the best treatment program can be created for you and that’s crucial to your recovery. By being honest from the start of your journey, you are less likely to self-sabotage during your addiction treatment.

Lying is Addiction Behavior

Without allowing honesty into your recovery from the beginning, you are continuing the same patterns of behavior that have so-far kept you addicted. Addicts become used to lying to get what they want and because what they want is either illegal or loved ones don’t want them to have it, an addict will resort to telling lies to feed the addiction. By accepting this behavior and deliberately breaking it by being as honest as possible, you can boost your treatment progress exponentially.

Reasons behind the Lies in Recovery

Honesty is always the best policy in life. There are several reasons recovering addicts may continue to behave dishonestly including:
• An underlying fear of the consequences of actions can cause addicts to lie to protect themselves.
• Lying has become so habitual to this point that it’s an instinctive response that needs re-training.
• If you’ve successfully lied to get your own way in the past, there’s no reason for you to think otherwise when you start rehab.

Take the Next Step with Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA

The fact that you’re seeking help is an enormous step to take but without honesty on your part, it makes our job that much more difficult. You should be clear with us as to when you last used or how much you drink daily so that we can devise a treatment plan that’s personalized for you individual requirements. If you’re looking for the perfect environment to receive the best care and support during your recovery journey and are near Aliso Viejo, CA or want to be, contact us today for a private consultation.

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