Myths about Addiction: Debunked

" Magnifying Glass Facts " by geralt via Pixabay (Public Domain  CC 2.0 )

"Magnifying Glass Facts" by geralt via Pixabay (Public Domain CC 2.0)

Addiction is something that affects millions of individuals and their loved ones throughout the world. In the US, addiction is a declared disease according to all well-respected medical communities, and yet there remains a perception in society that addiction to drugs or alcohol is a sign of moral weakness. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery want to help end the stigma, so here we debunk some common myths surrounding addiction:

MYTH: Addicts have No Will Power
FACT: Addiction is a Medically-Recognized Disease

It is quite possible to be addicted to a substance or alcohol and be a strong person with rock-solid willpower. The effects of addiction on the brain are the culprit behind prolonged substance abuse and often lead to a complete lack of control over drug or alcohol use, particularly when you have cravings or the need to use is triggered.

MYTH: Addicts Come from Low-Class Families
FACT: Addicts Come from Anywhere and Everywhere

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is not discriminatory and can affect people from all layers of society. There is no stereotypical profile of an addict based on race, sexuality, gender, religion, or socio-economic background. 

MYTH: Addiction Makes Someone a Bad Person
FACT: Addiction has No Bearing on Who a Person Is

A harmful social stigma surrounds addiction. Many people have a perception of an addict as being someone to be avoided. Although it is true that addiction can drive bad behavior that leads to a breakdown in close relationships, you should bear in mind that this behavior is beyond the control of the addict themselves. One of the most difficult aspects of addiction to deal with are the physical effects of the disease on a sufferer’s personality. Once recovery is successfully underway, relationships can be restored as an addict releases their dependence on a substance or alcohol and behaves in a manner much more true to themselves.

MYTH: Addicts Are Easy to Identify
FACT: Anyone Can Struggle with Addiction

Again, we have a stereotypical perception of how an addict should look and live which bears no resemblance to fact. Anyone around you has the propensity to be an addict and some are even harder to spot as people are quite capable of being addicted to drugs or alcohol and still be a high-achiever.

MYTH: There’s Nothing Family or Friends Can Do to Help
FACT: Family and Friends are Some of the Most Important Supporters

The only person who can take the very first step towards recovering from addiction is the addict themselves. This may be difficult for family and friends to deal with although there is an abundance of professional help at your disposal. Sometimes the very best thing you can do is point someone in the right direction to receive the treatment they need.

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Capo Canyon Recovery is a residential detox facility specializing in alcohol and drug detox in Laguna Niguel, CA. We know that there is still a wide misconception about addicts and their behavior in existence today and many people with addiction illness find this stigma to be an obstacle to seeking treatment. Capo Canyon Recovery has a goal and mission of providing first class medical and holistic rehabilitation treatment programs for a wide range of addictions. For a confidential consultation near Aliso Viejo, CA or Lake Forest, CA, contact us today.

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