The Scientific Effect of Social Media on Recovery

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Social media is a relatively new phenomenon which has revolutionized human interaction and information distribution. Many see it as a positive force which brings people together over distance and time. For people in recovery, however, it has the potential to be damaging.

The Downside of Social Media in Recovery

Time spent using social media can be very beneficial. However, by its very nature, being available 24 hours a day it, in itself can become addictive. By definition addiction is ‘excessive use of anything that interferes with daily life or interpersonal relationships ‘.

 Excessive use of social media can also increase a person’s feelings of isolation. Online interaction can easily replace face-to-face interaction. People who use a substance or alcohol to enable them to feel more comfortable in a social situation may find that use of social media may lead to further inhibition in their personal relationships as they lose the ability to mix in real company . The infinite availability of information can lead to information overload and this is harmful for someone whose head state is delicate. Unlimited use of screens and exposure to social media at all hours can really mess with sleep patterns. A good night’s sleep is essential to someone in recovery.

There is no cut-off to social media, access is generally unlimited and maintaining online contact with former associates may be detrimental. Such contact for someone in recovery can be unsettling at best and tempting at worst. People may not be accepting or understanding of the seriousness of your commitment to recovery and it is wise to cut such ties. Images of the lifestyles of others who use alcohol or drugs can be presented in a way which makes them seem less harmful possibly even glamorous and can cause someone in recovery to struggle even harder with their journey as they may feel they are missing out.

People in recovery are often dealing with issues of self-esteem. Generally, people on social media present a rosy picture which may not reflect the reality of their lives. Exposure to other people’s posts can have an adverse effect as it is easy to fall into the trap of comparing and sometimes ‘seeing how the other half live’ can cause depression, anxiety and feelings of failure.

Help is Always at Hand at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA

Although it may seem good to share your experiences in recovery with other people in a similar situation, it is not always good to have too much exposure to social media. It is far better to seek real help and support in a nurturing, professional environment of specialists. The team at Capo Canyon Recovery in Southern California can offer you exactly this at our center for rehab from alcohol addiction. Change is possible with the right help and we are here for you to reach out to in Laguna Niguel, CA so contact us now!

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