New Year, New You: Making the Change at New Year

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It’s a New Year and an ideal time to make positive changes. During the holiday season, many people overindulge in lots of ways and once the New Year starts the need to take action becomes a common goal. Some people may want to give up smoking and take up jogging while others may set a goal of giving up snack foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives. However, there are also people struggling with more serious issues of addiction to alcohol and drugs who may also want to make a change in their lives and the New Year is a great place to start.

Time to Wish a Happy New You!

It is often at this time of year that people discover that they have an unhealthy attachment to alcohol or another addictive substance and that they need to address this. Starting a new year is an ideal time to find the resolve to make a change to life-limiting habits and set realistic, achievable targets. There is also the symbolism of opening a new chapter as we shift from one year to the next, which presents the opportunity to leave the past behind you.

The beginning of a new year can generate an atmosphere of change so anyone planning a healthier future is generally in good company. Lots of people take up a new hobby or give something up at this time. However, addictive behaviors are very limiting and the need to abuse alcohol or substances can take control of a person’s life. The New Year is perfect for deciding to reclaim control of your life so that it no longer controls you.

As the days go by, the aim of becoming a ‘new you’ may seem a far distant notion. Many will not realize that by acknowledging the need for lifestyle change, they have already turned a page and become a new person. Attitude is as important as action for people with addiction issues and being kind to yourself is a good start. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the decision to make a change and people often try to achieve too much instead of changing one small thing at a time.

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Small changes such as eating healthier food, getting a good night´s rest, and taking better care of yourself will make a huge difference to your recovery. It may seem impossible to know where to start and this is where help is at hand. Capo Canyon Recovery offer personalized rehab for drug addiction in an environment that is accepting and non-judgmental. Our addiction treatment programs are based on a wide range of medical and complementary therapies for rehab in Southern California. If you are seeking rehab for alcohol addiction, contact us today in confidence and take a step closer to a new improved you.

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