Setting Healthy Boundaries with Others in Recovery

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From birth we begin to develop physical, mental, and emotional boundaries. How we learn to take care of ourselves and interact with others effects how we deal with life’s challenges as we mature. A lack of healthy boundaries is a common feature of the life of someone in the grip of an addiction. This can leave an individual open to manipulation by others and/or without any point of reference from which to take control of their own lives.

Respect Others but Most of All Respect Yourself

Setting healthy boundaries requires someone to think about what is best for them and putting them in place can be a great help towards avoiding environments, situations or people who may hinder or jeopardize recovery. Establishing healthy boundaries provides a framework within which the individual can act in their own best interests and make decisions and choices which best suit their chosen path.

Sharpen your Ability to Say No

Being comfortable with your true thoughts and feelings and being able to say ‘no’ are an essential part of the recovery process. This is a helpful way for addicts in recovery to establish healthy relationships. Holding an idea of your individual identity is very important. There will be times when you will need to respect the beliefs and opinions of others without taking them personally and having an idea of what you believe to be acceptable behavior will help you to distinguish between the harmful things which may lead you astray and those which will help you on your way.

It may be that people who end up with an addiction or disorder have not learned healthy boundaries and to do so can help us to take better care of ourselves and interact with others in a healthy way. How a person handles an emotional situation can depend on many factors. Without healthy boundaries a person may be afraid to show emotion or they may be super-emotional and this can often lead to dysfunctional behaviors such as substance or alcohol abuse.

Help is Available at Capo Canyon Recovery, Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Southern California

Boundaries are often learned through experience and a shift from unhealthy to healthy boundaries may be too big a step for someone to take alone. A large part of rehab for drug addiction involves more than simply quitting certain behaviors. In rehab for alcohol addiction, emotional physical and mental boundaries are explored with experienced counselors in a safe, controlled environment. For a private and completely confidential consultation, contact Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA.

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