How to Stay Out of Halloween Party Temptations

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Individuals who are struggling with substance abuse issues often find the prospect of attending social situations very daunting. Halloween is one of the occasions and because almost everyone of all ages participates wholeheartedly in celebrations, it can be very difficult to attend when trying to remain sober. The chances of bumping into friends of neighbors encouraging “just one drink” to celebrate are very high at Halloween. Here we have a few suggestions on how the temptations can be avoided so that everyone can have fun at festive times.

How to Stay Sober Around Halloween

  1. It’s important to be prepared to feel a little out of place when out at Halloween or holiday celebrations. If you know there’s a good chance you won’t feel entirely comfortable at a social occasion, it goes a long way to taking the edge of any anxiety you might feel.

  2. At the party, avoid the bar area by mixing with others engaged in conversation elsewhere. Grabbing non-alcoholic refreshment when you get there and eating appetizers will help reduce any cravings.

  3. Keep your non-alcoholic drink topped up so that no-one feels the need to offer you a drink.

  4. Part of an effective recovery from addiction or alcoholism is to practice saying “no”. Having the confidence to turn down alcohol firmly in social situations is a good sign that an individual has regained control over their substance use.

  5. Designating yourself as driver for a Halloween event is a good way of ensuring no alcohol is consumed.

  6. When people go through rehab, the process often requires them to completely change the social circles they mix in. This is to prevent them from encountering enabling influences and can be applied to social occasions such as Halloween. Going somewhere that doesn’t place so much emphasis on alcohol and is more about family fun is a good way of avoiding temptation.

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