Avoiding Temptations at the Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving is here again and while it is something many people look forward to, if you are in recovery, staying sober in the holiday season in the face of temptation could be something to dread. There are ways to prepare so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. A little forward planning can make all the difference, and we here at Capo Canyon Recovery want to offer some tips to help you get through the event.

Holiday Party Tips for Sobriety

If you are going to spend time with friends or family you will need to think about how you will go about avoiding temptations at the Thanksgiving table. You should consider how much exposure to alcohol or drugs you can handle and have strategies in place to remove yourself from a situation where you may feel you are at risk of lapsing. Remember everything you have learned so far in your recovery and apply what works best for you.

At Thanksgiving you may find yourself among people who you would rather not know you are in recovery, family members or colleagues, for instance. It is helpful to have a plan for what to say in advance so that if you are offered a drink, for instance, you can turn it down without causing offense or prying. If you rehearse what you are going to say you will find it easier to politely decline. Be sure to keep your non-alcoholic drink topped up so that you can avoid the risk of anyone topping up your drink for you.

You can feel part of the celebration without having to compromise your recovery by helping the host. This could lower the overall stress level and keeping busy will distract you from temptation.

You may have been used to going to parties or gatherings where alcohol is served freely or drugs are just part of the celebration; why not make a change and look out for events that do not revolve around these things? You could celebrate with others in recovery and then you will be able to enjoy yourself without being tested. Why not plan to treat yourself to something very tasty that you enjoy or indulge in your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

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