The Harmful Effects of Drug Abuse While Pregnant

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Alcohol or drug abuse during pregnancy increases your risk of stillbirth or miscarriage. When you consider that a proportion of everything you consume passes through you to your unborn child it is not difficult to imagine that there are many other negative consequences.

The effect of alcohol abuse on pregnancy is harm to both mother and unborn child. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, even a small amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy can place an unborn baby at risk of developing developmental issues. Your child’s physical, mental, and behavioral health could be affected. There can be developmental delays such as impaired attention, language and learning skills. This is known as fetal alcohol syndrome.

The Effects of Drug Abuse on Pregnancy

Pregnancy puts your body through some serious changes, using cocaine can make the cardiovascular changes you experience even stronger. Taking cocaine while pregnant puts you at greater risk of severe hypertension, migraines, seizures and placental problems which place the unborn child at risk. These problems can be transferred through you to the fetus.

If you use heroin or prescription opioids (which are chemically similar to heroin) while pregnant your chance of bleeding increases, this is especially true in the third trimester. Severe high blood pressure is also a high risk as is low birth weight. The baby is likely to develop neonatal abstinence syndrome as a consequence of your drug use and once born will experience withdrawal symptoms, including breathing problems, gastrointestinal problems, feeding problems and extreme distress. This requires medical attention to ensure the baby’s survival.

Taking meth while pregnant can result in many long-term health problems for the child. These include issues with physical coordination, cognitive ability and behavior. Mental health problems like anxiety and depression have also been associated with exposure to meth in the womb.

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