The Importance of Addressing Mental Illness in Addiction Recovery

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There is a very strong relationship between addiction and mental health. Some people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate the symptoms of a mental illness such as PTSD or depression, whereas others develop the symptoms as a direct result of substance abuse. No matter what the history is behind a person’s mental illness, if they are also abusing substances, both conditions need to be treated separately while at the same time. The importance of addressing mental illness in rehab should never be underestimated as the two conditions can perpetuate each other if left untreated.

Mental Illness in Addiction Recovery

In order for a person to truly recover from substance abuse, they need to have all related mental health issues to be dealt with at the same time. Essentially, addiction is in itself a chronic illness that is driven by choice initially until the person develops a compulsion to abuse substances that is overwhelming. Once the person is dependent on drugs or alcohol, they are likely to have experienced changes to their brain chemistry as a result of substance use and abuse.

The chemical changes caused by substances can have a significant effect on a person who is abusing them. If the individual has no prior history of mental illness, their chances of developing one if they continue abusing alcohol or drugs is significantly increased. For this reason, the majority of rehab centers contain components that address co-occurring or pre-existing mental health issues.

One therapy that is particularly useful for people with co-occurring mental illnesses and addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. This gets to the root of a person’s issues by identifying the negative thought processes driving addictive behaviors. Once identified, a therapist can help patients adapt their thinking patterns in order to promote healthier behaviors going forward.

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