The Stages of Behavioral Change in Recovery

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The motivation to change is the most important aspect in the prospect of successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction but change of any kind can be uncomfortable and stressful. This is where psychologists have worked hard to develop models of change which are used in the field of addiction treatment and by understanding this process a structured approach to behavioral change can be put into practice and the right help given at each stage.

Change Your Mind and Change Your Behavior – 6 Steps

We all have things about ourselves that we would like to change. Some of us want to lose weight, some want to quit tobacco; some may have personality issues they are not happy with. Changing established patterns of behavior cannot happen overnight and there are considered to be 6 stages which a person goes through to bring about permanent change.

Stage 1 Pre-contemplation: The person is aware that there are consequences to their addiction but they have no desire to change and may even justify their choices.

Stage 2 Contemplation: People in this stage have become aware of the negative impact of their habits and realize that change would be advantageous but are not in any great hurry to make the required effort.

Stage 3 Preparation: It is at this stage that people tend to take ownership of their problems and they find the motivation to make life-changing decisions and commit to taking action. This is not something a person has to do alone; they are doing it for themselves but with help from support groups and through therapy.

Stage 4 Action: This stage involves a turnaround from previous habits and behaviors. The person leaves behind the use of a substance and takes positive pro-active steps towards change, emotionally, physically and mentally. Now is the time for the individual to draw their own map for the future involving healthy pursuits and new patterns of living.

Stage 5 Maintenance: Having assimilated new ways of being, a person is now in the stage of practicing them. They will have learned strategies for dealing with life in a new way and will be armed with tools to this end. An awareness of the things which may lead them to stray from their path will help maintain recovery after rehab.

Stage 6 Termination: At this stage change has been achieved. Previous behaviors are unthinkable and the gains of sobriety completely override any temptation to relapse.

We Can Show You How to Change Your Behavior after Recovery at Capo Canyon Recovery

At Capo Canyon Recovery our therapists will work with you to achieve behavioral changes from rehab.  If alcohol is controlling your life, change is possible through alcohol addiction recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA. If you want to leave drugs behind, commit to drug addiction recovery in Southern California Drug Rehab. Contact us in complete confidence and we will help you in your quest for change.

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