Healing the Hurt: How to Repair Relationships During and After Rehab

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When a person is in the grip of an addiction, relationships are bound to be affected. Being at the mercy of any addictive substance will bring about erratic behavior and alter a person’s personality and emotions. This will impact family members, spouses, partners, parents, children and friends and these relationships may break down as a result. Repairing those relationships is very important for people who wish to break the cycle of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Improving interactions with loved ones can be a motivator for recovery and finding ways to repair relationships during and after rehab is key.

Mending Bridges

Communication is essential in relationships. By making the move to seek treatment and letting it be known that your intention is recovery you will be setting a solid foundation for the process of mending bridges. Never underestimate the relief felt by loved ones when an addict seeks treatment. It shows strength of purpose and the will to change. This can be the beginning of the process of building trust.

The destructive cycle of addiction can cause a person to be manipulative in their relationships and their altered personality is likely to have caused some hurt and upset to those around them. Apologizing and asking forgiveness shows others you know you have made mistakes and wish to make amends. Steps towards regaining the trust of those around you include being honest about past errors and sticking to your goal of recovery.

Drug and alcohol addiction can completely absorb an individual and lead them to neglect their loved ones. Rehab enables a person to regain control of their lives and devote time and energy to those who matter most. Playing an active role as a parent, partner, spouse, child or friend will be key to remaining on track and give purpose to life after rehab. Attending meetings and joining a support group can help you connect with others in the same situation as you and also reassures your family and friends that you are committed to sobriety.

Commit to change at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA

At Capo Canyon Recovery in Southern California we offer alcohol addiction rehab and drug addiction rehab. During treatment, as well as handling the physical aspects of rehabilitation, you will learn how to repair relationships during and after rehab. You will be advised on: techniques to help you with healthy communication, how to listen to others, strategies for diffusing situations, how to end unhealthy relationships and how to set realistic goals. Repairing relationships after rehab may take time and effort and those who have seen dramatic changes in you may need time to re-adjust to the new you, so be patient. We can help. Contact us now in total confidence and take the first step towards repairing those relationships which matter.

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