How Co-Dependency Hinders Addiction Recovery

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Dependency can be reliance on a substance, activity or person where an individual treats something or someone as more important than themselves. When thoughts, emotions and activities are focused on a relationship to the extent that an individual loses a healthy sense of themselves, this is called co-dependency and it can be as destructive as any addiction.

Who Do You Want to Be?

Co-dependency is a relationship issue; it could refer to a romantic or family relationship or even a friendship. The difference between a healthy relationship and what is called co-dependency is the purpose served by the relationship and the feelings it evokes in an individual. Co-dependent behavior often has similar characteristics to addiction. The relationship may be an infatuation rather than love or true friendship. Interaction may produce dopamine release and thereby euphoria and potentially, obsession. A person with addiction issues may be vulnerable to co-dependency unknowingly chasing the buzz or rush associated with being with a person rather than in fact being interested in spending time with them. Equally, a relationship may be abusive or manipulative and those involved may develop a distorted self-image which may fuel their abuse of a substance or alcohol.

Signs of co-dependency include denial, low self-esteem, controlling behavior, inability to maintain healthy boundaries, dysfunctional communication and isolation. Co-dependency in recovery can hinder the process of rehabilitation unless addressed properly. An individual going through alcohol addiction recovery or drug rehab at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel CA will receive support and guidance to deal with the issues which can arise from co-dependency.

The process of recovery requires a person to focus on themselves and to address their own needs, feelings, beliefs and behavior. It is important for a person in recovery to develop autonomy and self-control rather than control or be controlled by someone else. Addicts may have become used to behaving in a way which is controlled by someone or something other than themselves and this absence of self-control is a basic characteristic of drug or alcohol dependency. Whatever the circumstances, codependence is not at all helpful to the recovery process.

This does not mean being selfish or inconsiderate, it means you learn to accept yourself and trust yourself to take action which will make you happy without relying on someone else to fulfill those needs. You learn to live and act in your own best interests and build self- confidence and self-esteem.

Learn to Be Yourself at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel

At Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, you can be sure that issues of co-dependency in recovery will be addressed. Trained specialists at our Southern California Rehab center know why co-dependency hinders addiction recovery and can help you. After rehab it is essential that a person does not lapse into co-dependency, you could simply be replacing one addiction with another. Contact us now in total confidence and begin the process to free yourself!

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