How does Age Impact Addiction Recovery?

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Drug and alcohol abuse has become a significant problem in the US and it is an issue that is more common among older people. Many people in middle age and older have found themselves turning to drugs or alcohol as a means of helping them deal with loneliness. Some may have experienced significant loss through the death of a partner or when children have flown the nest and seek to make themselves “feel better” by taking substances to cope. We can help here at Capo Canyon Recovery by offering a comprehensive detox program for your unique challenges.

How Does Age Play a Role in Recovery?

Although addiction issues effect people of all ages, it has been shown by research that younger people are drinking much less today than previous generations. Older people may have also been dealing with addiction issues from a young age and without treatment, they are likely to have found recovery difficult, if not impossible. For those people who failed to get treatment in the early stages of addiction, the underlying issues they are dealing with are likely to have become very severe.

There is also a much different attitude towards alcohol and drug use among baby-boomers than the current millennial generation. Alcoholism and drug addiction has much more stigma attached that often serves to prevent older people with substance abuse disorder from seeking the help they need. In fact, it has been shown that older people are more likely to conceal their problems, holding on to the attitude that addiction is an intensely private matter.

In terms of recovery, an older person with addiction issues is likely to find they have more deep-rooted issues at play than someone younger. They may have been dependent on alcohol or drugs for many years, during which time they are likely to have developed some long-term mental health problems. Physical fitness is also an issue when it comes to an older person’s recovery as their health is likely to be significantly depleted after years of substance abuse.

Get the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment You Need at Capo Canyon Recovery!

If you are an older person struggling with addiction issues, there is help close at hand. Capo Canyon Recovery offer specialist services for recovery and rehab in young people and older people, with drug abuse treatment programs to suit all medical needs. You can achieve a healthy, sober life in recovery in Southern California, at our beautiful facilities offering tailor-made addiction treatment programs. If you want more information about the effects of age on recovery and recovery and rehab in elderly people, contact us here at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA in confidence today.

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