How to Adjust your Home Life after Rehab

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Leaving a residential addiction treatment center can be daunting, despite the fact that it represents a significant accomplishment. Knowing how to go back to daily life and face the triggers that previously encouraged someone to use is often the hardest part of recovery. It’s also important that a recovering addict feels strong enough to cope with the many changes they have to make, with access to a support network.

Adjusting Can be Successful with Proper Preparation

One of the many advantages of a structure rehab program is that in prepares individuals for their return to daily life after treatment. On leaving a rehab facility, patients are often told to make the following changes to their lives to ensure more effective recovery and reduced chance of relapse:

Create a Network of Sober People: Work will have begun in rehab through one-to-one and group therapy sessions to help build a support network. When someone is recovering after addiction treatment, it is important that they have access to channels of communication that are always open. When they face a difficult or uncomfortable situation and are finding it hard to cope with cravings, having someone non-judgmental at the end of the phone can be a huge benefit.

Maintain a Clean and Sober Home: Securing somewhere to live where there is no access to alcohol or drugs is essential when someone leaves rehab. It can be extremely difficult for a recovering addict to maintain sobriety in the company of others who are using drugs or alcohol. Having others hide drug paraphernalia from a recovering addict is not enough to prevent them from potentially relapsing. In most cases, recovery centers will help patients find the right place to live when they leave treatment.

Stay Physically Healthy: Leaving rehab is a great opportunity for people to improve their physical fitness. There are many benefits for people in recovery from the endorphin buzz that’s created from exercise, particularly in terms of replacing bad habits with good behaviors. The additional benefit of improved fitness after addiction treatment is the resulting boost to self-confidence. Being fit also makes people more resistant to stress which is important for a recovering addict who may experience cravings in response to stressors.

Pay Attention to Mental Health: There is a very strong and undeniable link between addiction and mental illness. It is not uncommon for people with addiction to also suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD and sleep disorders, which can hamper recovery unless treated. Being present in the moment when patients have returned home after treatment keeps them focused on their emotional well-being. Knowing when there is a significant change in mindset that has the potential to threaten sobriety will ensure treatment is received to prevent that from happening.

Find the Right Treatment for Your Needs at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA

Knowing how to effectively adjust to home life after leaving a rehab facility is an important part of treatment. Capo Canyon Recovery provides comprehensive alcohol and drug abuse treatment that is personalized for each patient. We arm you with the tools and coping mechanisms to go forward in recovery with complete confidence in your ability to overcome your issues. Find out how to positively adjust your home life after rehab at Capo Canyon Recovery in Southern California. Contact us for a confidential consultation without delay.

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