Why Detox and Rehab in Southern California is Different

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When a person is struggling with addiction issues, they have likely become withdrawn from those close to them. Fear of being harshly judged or misunderstood can force many addicts to avoid confrontation with loved ones, driving them further into their isolation. When someone has found the courage to face their addiction head-on by seeking treatment, it is often the very first time they have been able to speak openly about what they’re going through. For the most effective treatment, it is important to choose a rehab facility that offers the right environment for healing, which is far removed from the world an addict has been used to living in. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery feel that our Southern California environment lends itself well to the healing you are looking for.

Absorb the Healing Powers of a Natural Coastal Environment

Southern California detox offers patients the chance to step out of the negative place that has become their comfort zone and embrace nature. The temperate climate offers year-round sunshine and when combined with specialist counseling, therapy, and medical treatment can significantly boost the effectiveness of rehab. Addicts can find enormous benefits from being transported into a completely new environment as it encourages them to be more self-aware.

On the surface of things, addiction seems like a very selfish condition. When the illness has developed, the need to use has become a compulsion that the person is unable to control. When they are unable to use when they need to, withdrawal symptoms appear very quickly. Addicts can resort to some very negative – even criminal – behaviors in order to get their next fix, which serves to alienate them further from everyone around them.

When sufficient acceptance has been gained for someone to enter rehab, they become aware they are on the threshold of significant change. Receiving treatment in the beautiful surroundings we enjoy at Capo Canyon Recovery opens up the eyes of our patients as they are introduced to a whole new world. Interacting with nature in therapy has been proven to be highly effective in promoting confidence and boosting self-esteem.

Find out Why Southern California Detox is Different near Aliso Viejo, CA

When you detox and recover from addiction in Southern California, you get the added benefit of being located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Although addiction treatment requires commitment and work, there is no benefit in being in a clinical environment where the patient’s emotional needs aren’t met. Capo Canyon Recovery uses the benefits of natural therapies and holistic approaches in combination with medical treatments for overall patient well-being. Contact us today for a consultation in confidence in Laguna Niguel, CA.

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