The Importance of Creating a Sleep Routine in Recovery

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When someone is in rehab treatment for addiction, they will have to make many changes in their lives, most of which are extremely positive. Individuals who have been addicted to substances tend to find it difficult to sleep, despite sometimes feeling exhausted and this is one of the illnesses side effects. In rehab, patients learn how to relax and adjust their lifestyle to introduce a more regular sleep pattern. This is extremely beneficial in preventing someone relapsing back into addictive behavior when they return home after treatment.

Dangers of Lack of Quality Sleep

According to research, people need at least 7-8 hours’ sleep every night in order to remain healthy. In fact, lack of sleep over a prolonged period of time has been shown to shorten your lifespan. A person’s sleep schedule is determined by their circadian rhythms which are cyclical patterns to the brain that change neurological activity during the night so that you can have sleep well and for a longer period of time. Someone with addiction issues may already show the signs of the negative effects of consistently not getting enough sleep.

Tips for a Better Sleep

  • Don’t be preoccupied with trying to fall asleep as having an internal dialogue prevents you from doing so. Many rehab clinics offer alternative therapies such as yoga or meditation which can be very beneficial in helping patients find natural ways of relaxing before going to bed.

  • Consider what you eat before going to bed as it can affect your chances of falling asleep quickly and soundly. Nutrition is a very important part of establishing a healthy sleep pattern and this is something that rehab will focus on during addiction treatment.

  • Increased physical exercise will promote better sleep patterns in time. Just by incorporating half an hour or so of physical activity during the day can make you feel much more relaxed in the evenings.

  • Try to have your bedroom as dark as possible and reduce sound too. Many people who have been using substances may have fallen into the habit of falling asleep in front of the TV, which doesn’t allow for a truly deep and satisfying night’s sleep.

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