Why Addressing Anxiety is Pivotal for Recovery

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Depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are often associated with drug addiction and alcoholism. Either someone has turned to substances to ease the distressing symptoms of the mental health condition or they have developed the symptoms as a result. In both cases, these patients are known as “dual diagnosis”.  There are other factors associated with addiction that also make it necessary to address anxiety issues in rehab in order to prevent relapse.

How Anxiety Affects your Quality of Life

Anxiety is something that affects millions of people, although they are not all necessarily addicted to substances. The reason someone develops addiction can often be because they initially turn to drink or drugs to help with the stress of work or the breakdown of a relationship or similar traumatic life experience. They key to successful rehabilitation for these patients is to teach them how to react differently and in a more healthy way to things they find stressful in their day-to-day lives.

How Is Anxiety Treated in Rehab?

One of the most common treatment programs for patients dealing with anxiety or depression and addiction at the same time is individual and group therapy combined with complementary approaches. Each patient is carefully assessed upon intake so that a treatment program can be designed for their specific medical, emotional and psychological needs. Mindfulness practices such as yoga or meditation arm patients with effective coping skills for stress and anxiety in recovery and have been proven to be highly effective.

How Anxiety Affects Rehab and Recovery

Therapy sessions are also invaluable because they provide an important platform for patients to learn to understand their addiction issues better through discussion with others in similar situations. One-to-one therapy sessions enable patients to identify the negative thought processes and behavioral patterns that led to their addiction. Both group and individual therapy also allows patients to develop bonds with others that are trust-based, providing support to them in sobriety.

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