What to Ask Before Choosing a Detox Center

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If you or a loved one or family member has accepted there is a problem with substance abuse, it is a good time to start researching what facilities are available. There are some important questions to ask before choosing a detox center, which we take a closer look at below:

How Long is the Program?

Just as every individual with addiction has their own reason for first turning to substances, the way they are treated depends on their unique needs. Assessment and evaluation is the first significant step in rehab and allows clinicians to devise a treatment program that is as long as the patient needs for them to be able to cope with their daily lives on their own.

What Should I Expect from Rehab?

As with everything in life, it is important to have realistic expectations when entering rehab. The first thing to acknowledge and accept is that there is no cure for addiction. What is more important is that patients accept the need for change and that they have to place themselves in the hands of physicians and therapists in order to receive the best care. When someone is ready to leave rehab, they will feel motivated to adopt all the changes they need to make in themselves, the places they visit and the people they mix with.

What is the Environment at the Facility Like?

This is an important question because there is a strong link between addiction and the environment surrounding sufferers. Patients in rehab are expected to make big changes in how they live their lives and for some people; this can mean getting away from their environment and into a completely new one. Even though this environmental change may only last for as long as treatment, it is extremely important in creating a climate of change in each patient that they can use to keep them sober in recovery.

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