Cultivating Healthy Habits in Sobriety

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Fighting addiction takes a lot of physical and mental strength and so it can significantly improve chances of a sustained recovery to cultivate healthy habits. Many people aren’t sure of how to take the first step towards improving their health and so it’s always worth devising a plan or strategy which outlines goals for you to achieve. It’s all too easy to abandon new healthy practices if they haven’t been well thought out beforehand.

Here are some tips that have proven to be effective in creating good habits so that you have a greater chance of staying healthy after recovery:

Set Achievable Goals

Although most people know the basics of a healthy lifestyle, not many appreciate that achieving it starts in your head. It’s always a good idea to work out what goals you want to achieve that are specific to you. Say for example you tend to get stressed out very easily and find it difficult to relax; introducing meditation into your day can make a big difference. On the other hand, if you are constantly tired and run down, eating a better diet and doing regular exercise can keep your energy levels from sagging. Whatever the approach, make sure you have your goals written down so that you can monitor your progress towards achieving them.

Keep the Long Term in Mind

When someone has been addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are likely to have become used to living day by day. A new healthy approach to life that should be adopted in recovery is to consider the long-term future and how you want it to be. In terms of health and well-being, it’s never a good idea to following diet trends or pursue short-term solutions because they don’t have long-lasting results. Keep focused on the future and take your time achieving your goals.

Recognize the Small Steps that Lead to Big Victories

Most people have heard of Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare which tells of how taking things slow and steady wins the race. A healthy habit to cultivate is to acknowledge even the smallest steps that show you are progressing well in sobriety. If your goal is to get more physically active and boost your energy levels, introduce a brisk walk into your day and extend the time you take progressively. Similarly, with yoga or meditation, you can begin to learn the practices and then over time increase your efforts to enjoy the full benefits of these mindfulness techniques.

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