Cutting Toxic People Out of Your Life and Recovery

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When someone has been struggling with addiction issues, they will generally have become distanced from loved ones and more interested in new people associated with their substance abuse. This can not only lead to damage to close personal relationships but also to someone fighting addiction being “enabled” to continue.

What is an “Enabling” Person?

A toxic or enabling person is someone who makes it easy for another to continue abusing substances, despite the obvious damage it is doing to their lives. When someone starts using drugs or abusing alcohol, they will find they mix in different circles, mostly with people and in places that facilitate drinking alcohol.

Because they are in an atmosphere or environment where everyone is drinking to excess or openly taking drugs, it doesn’t feel unusual or abnormal to join in. This is the reason a person can be addicted to substances without even knowing it. When someone is continually exposed to drug or alcohol abuse, it becomes the norm, even acceptable.

An important part of rehab from addiction is to identify toxic people and places and cut them out of your life. These bad influences are not only risks to your sobriety but also to your life. For some people, it can be hard to rid themselves of toxic people as they may be family members or very close friends. Nevertheless, when someone has been through rehab and seen the extent of the damage they’ve had to work on, they know these toxic people are in need of help themselves.

Addiction is a negative illness that is not only fed by substances but also a negative mindset and external influences including toxic people and places. Someone with addiction illness literally becomes lost in a world that is poles apart from what life was like before alcohol or drugs. Overcoming addiction is challenging and one of the most important challenges is removing any threat to sobriety from a recovering addict’s life. In order to be sure of long-term sobriety, don’t bring toxic people into your recovery.

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