Why Drug Addiction Is Starting In the Teen Years

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Many adults struggling with substance use disorder have been dealing with the illness since a young age. This is an increasing problem in America that is leading more and more people into rehab than ever before. But why are teens becoming more susceptible to using drugs these days? Is it just easier to procure them now or are there more sinister pressures at play enticing young people into substance use and abuse? Here we take a closer look.

Teens and Drug Addiction: Peer Pressure on a Whole New Level

Millennials today have grown up in a world that has become all about superficial appearances. Social networks have introduced a whole new level of peer pressure that demands everyone looks a certain way and lives a certain lifestyle. Unfortunately, drug abuse is increasingly more prevalent in the lives of young people on social media and they have become much more inclined to experimentation with drugs than previous generations as a result.

Rehab specialists like Capo Canyon Recovery know that when large social groups are all indulging in drug-taking, it becomes normalized and young people are consistently exposed to this kind of peer pressure. It is another fact that when drugs become normalized in social circles, the risks attached to them are rarely discussed among users, often not even becoming an issue until someone they know overdoses.

It has now become too easy to obtain a wide variety of drugs, almost all of them highly potent. The additional danger of street drugs is that they are invariably manufactured in dirty laboratories and cut with other substances to increase profits. Because of this, users rarely know exactly what they’re taking and are oblivious to the fact that they can take a fatal dose whether they’re using for the first time or the hundredth.

Get Help for Substance Abuse in Laguna Niguel, CA

As experienced drug addiction specialists, Capo Canyon Recovery has seen many adults cross its threshold who have been dealing with addiction since their teen years. This can often lead to a more complex form of addiction illness that requires the specialist drug addiction recovery services we offer. Find out more by contacting us in confidence at Capo Canyon Recovery near Mission Viejo, CA.

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