What to Do When you Think a Loved One is Addicted to Drugs

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Unfortunately, substance use disorder is an illness that is sweeping the nation, largely due to the rising number of people taking opiate-based prescription drugs. However, our understanding of addiction as an illness is better than ever before and there are now numerous ways for people struggling to cope to get the treatment they need. Addiction is an illness that the sufferer often seeks to hide, leading to loved ones and close friends missing the warning signs of there being anything wrong.

How to Be Sure They Need Your Help

We throw around the word “addict” without thought these days and in many respects, the term has lost relevance as a result. Before reaching out to a loved one with a helping hand into rehab, it’s important to establish if they actually have a problem that needs treatment.

Here are the physical warning signs that a person is abusing drugs:

  • Bloodshot eyes, dilated or contracted pupils

  • Changes in sleep patterns and appetite

  • Neglecting physical appearance and personal grooming

  • A constantly running nose or sniffing

  • Unusual smells and odors on breath, body, and clothes

And the behavioral warning signs of drug abuse:

  • Difficulties in close personal relationships

  • Poor attendance at work, possibly losing jobs altogether

  • Engaging in secretive activities

  • Mixing in different circles and visiting different places

  • Possibly getting into legal trouble as a result of risky behaviors such as casual sexual encounters or driving under the influence

  • Unexplained need for more money, sometimes resorting to borrowing or stealing from others

  • Using substances in dirty or dangerous conditions

Take the Next Step to Sobriety with Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA

Once you have established a loved one has addiction issues, the next step is to get them the help they need. Capo Canyon Recovery offers Southern California drug addiction treatment in beautiful surroundings near Mission Viejo, CA. It is always important to remember that addiction is an illness that can be successfully treated to allow your loved ones to live a fulfilling life in sobriety. Contact us today in complete confidence and we’ll tell you how to set your loved one on a course to recovery.

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