How Different Types of Counseling Aids People with Addictions

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One of the most beneficial aspects of addiction treatment for individuals and their loved ones is counseling. Research shows that people are more likely to succeed in sobriety if they feel they are supported and counseling goes a long way to providing this. However, there are different types of counseling and each has their own benefits for people in rehab. Here we take a closer look:

Help Someone with Individual Counseling

Many people with addiction illness are likely to have become withdrawn and isolated from those close to them. Not wishing to communicate is a common characteristic of addiction and can be for a number of reasons. Some wish to conceal their drug or alcohol use from others and others may be aware they have a problem but simply don’t know what to do. Individual counseling is often the first opportunity a person has to really unburden themselves of what they’re going through to a trained professional. The therapist is able to guide patients through a journey of self-exploration where they find understanding of their addiction and how to overcome it.

Help Someone with Group Counseling

Group counseling provides the ideal platform for people with addiction to talk about their own issues and hear about others’ experiences. People are comfortable in group counseling as they know they will not be judged and that others sharing the meetings completely understand them. There is also a great sense of camaraderie formed in group counseling that helps support participants for many years in sobriety. Group counseling is a mutual process that allows people to help others as well as themselves through sharing their experiences.

Help Someone with Family Counseling

Family ties and bonds can be torn apart by addictive behavior. Family counseling often provides a vital lifeline for people with close relationships in distress. A qualified therapist guides the process to ensure that the session doesn’t deteriorate into apportioning blame, allowing people to talk and discuss in a calm and productive setting. Family counseling can rebuild bridges damaged by addiction, strengthening relationships so that everyone feels supported in recovery.

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