Why Painkillers are Getting Abused More Frequently

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Prescription painkiller abuse has become a significant problem in America in recent years due to the rising use of opioid-based medications for chronic health conditions. Many people working in the addiction field believe that the fact opiate medications are initially prescribed by physicians has made the problem somehow “acceptable”. However, opioid medications are synthetic versions of the very well-known and extremely sinister illegal substance; heroin.

How Does Painkiller Addiction and Abuse Happen?

Opioid medications like Vicodin, Fentanyl and OxyContin are widely prescribed for chronic pain conditions, which mean people are likely to be taking them for a number of weeks or possibly months. The way opioids work is by flooding the brain with euphoric dopamine which effectively “distracts” it from all pain sensations elsewhere in the body.

The problem with taking opioid medications for a period of time is that the body develops a tolerance to its effects. This means an individual needs a higher dose in order to get the pain relief they need. Physicians are generally reluctant to increase doses of opioid prescription medications, which can lead to individuals turning to other sources for drugs to ease their painful symptoms.

When tolerance has developed, the body is quick to become dependent on receiving an opioid boost. The first signs of this happening are that the individual starts to experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not using. These can be extremely distressing and often individuals resort to using again in order to reduce them. This marks the start of a negative spiral into addiction and the individual is likely to need professional treatment in order to successfully recover.

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