Integrating Healthy Habits in your New Year Plans

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The New Year is traditionally the time when we review our lives and make resolutions to improve it. The majority of people come out of the holiday season with a little extra weight or bearing other signs of over indulgence. However, many of us fail to stick to our resolutions, perhaps because we tend to put a bit too much extra pressure on ourselves. Resolving to lose 10lbs or giving up alcohol or cigarettes in the New Year often means setting goals that are unachievable. Ultimately, if you want to make significant changes in your life you have to be motivated to do so rather than just following the herd because it’s New Year.

Making Small Changes to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s easy to incorporate lots of small changes in your daily routine rather than completely overhauling it at the start of a new year. Here we have some helpful suggestions:

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Many people have irregular sleep patterns, often because they find it hard to unwind after a day’s work or as a result of stress. The consequences of prolonged sleep deprivation can be quite significant on your health and so it’s important to introduce a routine that encourages a decent night’s shut-eye. Set a time to go to bed and if you usually struggle to drop off, do some reading or listen to music for about half an hour before switching out all the lights and shutting your eyes.

Never Skip Breakfast

The first meal of the day is perhaps the most important because it fuels the body for the first hours we are awake. You don’t have to have a large breakfast but a good balance of carbs, fiber, vitamins and protein with a combination of cereals, fruit, toast, muffins or pancakes should give you plenty of variety first thing in the morning.

Take a Brisk Walk Every Day

Most people resolve to get fitter, especially after over-indulging through the holidays. Exercise is really good for boosting energy levels and making you feel great through the release of endorphins. Even if you just take a brisk ten-minute walk each day and slowly build up to greater distances, you’ll soon feel the huge benefits exercise can bring.

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