Identifying Co-Dependent Relationships- And What to Do About Them

When someone is codependent, it means that they are completely influenced by another person’s behavior. This can be to the extent where they try and control their actions which is usually for the best intentions. However, many people with addiction are also involved in codependent relationships which can serve to make their problems much worse. The other individual involved in a codependent relationship very often has issues of their own to work through as well. Codependency is not unusual for people struggling with substance use disorder.

What Does a Co-Dependent Relationship Look Like?

A co-dependent person generally displays the following characteristics:

  • They feel completely responsible for another person in terms of their feelings, thoughts, choices, behaviors, desires and needs.

  • There is a strong and often overwhelming compulsion to help the other person resolve their issues, such as offering unwanted advice or unhelpful suggestions.

  • Having an inability to say no when they mean it, rather putting in extra energy into the relationship and taking on more than their fair share of responsibility for it.

  • Finding it easier to be assertive on issues of injustice relating to another person while not being able to defend their own position.

  • A subliminal attraction to people who are needy or disadvantaged.

  • A need for the codependent relationship to fulfill themselves.

  • Often feeling victimized, taken for granted and used.

  • Taking on blame for everything, even when obviously nothing to do with the person.

  • Constantly thinking they are not good enough or somehow lacking in personality to be appreciated for their merits.

Co-dependent relationships can seriously hamper a person’s progress if they are receiving treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. It is an important part of their therapy to revisit these connections and either make them healthier or remove them from the person’s life. When a relationship has become codependent it is toxic and often a symptom of depression or deeper psychological issues. Addiction treatment is often essential for people to overcome co-dependency and there are many options available to them.

Learn How to Have Healthy Relationships in Recovery Near Lake Forest, CA

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