Spring into the Spring Season with Healthy Sobriety Tips

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Some people are daunted by the prospect of leaving an alcohol or drug addiction treatment center and returning home after addiction treatment. Although the early days of recovery is not without its challenges, there are some effective ways that can help protect your hard-earned sobriety.

Here we share five of our best tips on sobriety with you showing you how to live healthy in sobriety:

1. Take One Day at a Time

It is always more positive to take small steps back into the world after addiction treatment. Taking things slowly allows you to adapt to the changes you’ve made in your lifestyle and avoid relapse. Goals shouldn’t be set too far in the future and you should make sure achievements are acknowledged as well as any setbacks. Addiction is a relapsing illness and so if someone does return to substance abuse, they should acknowledge their mistake and move on from it quickly.

2. Make Some Basic Changes

Along the same lines as taking things slowly is making small and basic changes to your daily routine and establishing a healthier one. This means avoiding the people and places associated with substance abuse, which can take some time to achieve in your local community. Perhaps you have to rethink your route to work so that you avoid coming into contact with certain people or travel past places where you used to hang out with other addicts.

3. Plan Ahead

During an addiction treatment program, you get to learn a lot about yourself. You also find out what it is that made you turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place and why you continued to use, even though you didn’t necessarily want to. This enables people to plan ahead so that they can avoid situations and events that might otherwise trigger relapse.

4. Build Healthy Relationships

It is important that people leaving rehab are surrounded by a solid support network. Many people are introduced to others at varying stages of recovery when they are in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. These relationships often continue beyond the program and into many years of recovery. For people who have attended outpatient programs, there are numerous addiction recovery support groups of all types available to them.

5. Take Good Care of Yourself

Eating well and taking regular exercise is important for people leaving rehab. Many people neglect themselves and their diet when they are abusing drugs or alcohol. It is important that they learn about good nutrition and put their knowledge into practice in recovery in order to maintain good health in recovery.

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