How Trauma Affects Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

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There is a strong correlation between traumatic events and addiction. Research shows that difficult childhood experiences make it more likely that an individual will struggle with substance abuse later on. Other studies reveal that a high proportion of Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) abuse drugs and alcohol to medicate their symptoms.

How Trauma Affects Drug Rehabilitation

When a person is dealing with a trauma from the past and seeks treatment for help with drugs and/or alcohol, their needs are complex. It is necessary to unravel the underlying causes of substance abuse which are likely to be driven by the person’s response to a traumatic event. In order for a person to rehabilitate from substance abuse, they need to find a way of dealing with their issues so that they can enjoy a substance-free life.

Discussion therapies such as CBT are invaluable in helping patients recognize the issues underlying their addiction. Therapists are able to guide patients through a journey of self-discovery, where deep-rooted issues are brought into the open and faced head-on. Addiction is a very complex illness that takes a while to develop and so it is natural to expect it will take time to heal. Rehab helps people to understand their addiction and find healthier ways of responding to negative situations in recovery.

The objective of rehab is to prepare people for daily life after completing treatment. When a person is overcoming a trauma and is also dealing with addiction, they may need more time to find a route to recovery. Many traumatic events can remain “dormant” in a person’s mind, to be triggered by something that takes place years later. This presents a challenge in rehab treatment that is best dealt with by addiction specialists.

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