How to Start a Conversation about Addiction to a Loved One

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Addiction is an illness that doesn’t only affect the person abusing substances. In most cases loved ones, friends, and coworkers are also impacted by the way an individual behaves when they are suffering as a result of substance abuse. It can be very difficult for many people to know how to deal with someone struggling with addiction, especially if you want to help them get the treatment we need. Here we take a closer look at how to go about talking to an addicted loved one about detox treatment.

Understanding Addiction Illness

It is very important to understand whether your loved one is actually addicted to substances before you broach the subject with them. There are several signs which may be more obvious than others, such as the person regularly being under the influence. However, when someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol they very often become quite different from the person their loved ones recognize.

Changes in personality such as the person becoming unreliable at work or school; becoming isolated and withdrawn, and losing interest in activities previously enjoyed are red flags. Addiction is a compulsive illness which means that it controls a person’s urge to use drugs and alcohol. When a person has the illness, they no longer choose to use. This can make them lose their sense of identity in many respects as they fight their body’s cravings to abuse substances.

When you have identified your loved one has a problem, the next step is to plan a time to talk to them at a location that’s neutral. It shouldn’t be organized in such a way that the addicted person knows there is likely to be a confrontation. Plan what you are going to say ahead of the meeting and try not to become over-emotional. Simply stating the facts – without judgment – is often the best way of communicating with an addict. In many cases, families hire an intervention specialist to help them have these intense discussions with an addicted loved one, which also ensures a higher success rate.

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