Dating after Recovery

dating after recovery

People who work their way through rehab treatment are always encouraged to acknowledge their significant achievements. Overcoming addiction is not without its challenges and it is a testament to your strength of character to have successfully completed a rehab program. However despite this, many people don’t feel they are ready for love in the early days of recovery as they focus on healing themselves.

Keep an Open Mind

When the time is right and if you’re single of course, you’ll probably want to get back into dating. This can cause concern to someone with a history of addiction as it puts them in a situation where they have to decide whether to reveal their past. Meeting new romantic partners can be stressful, particularly in the early days and so it’s not surprising that recovering addicts are often tentative about looking for love in their lives.

It is always important to consider the achievements of rehab when building confidence in recovery. Overcoming addiction is something that most people accept and respect. It is not possible to form a trust-based relationship unless there is complete openness on both sides, which might pose a dilemma for a recovering addict. There is no need to blurt out your addiction issues on the first date or even in the early days of getting to know each other; unless the right moment presents itself.

Trust Yourself

Ultimately you have to trust your judgment which is an important aspect of addiction recovery. You will also have to keep your expectations of potential partners in check so that you don’t invest too much into something that doesn’t develop beyond a casual level. Building a relationship with a life partner takes time, as does healing from addiction itself. This is the main reason it is vital that the partner or spouse of a recovering addict is on board with their recovery strategy.

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