Helpful Tips to Enjoy a Sober Summer

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Enjoying the summer isn’t always easy for people in recovery from addiction. Leaving the sanctity of a rehab center to get involved in summer activities like barbecues, beach days, pool parties and summer weddings can be challenging. Here we look at some ways to help you navigate any hurdles you may face in recovery during the summer months.

Explore and Enjoy the Everyday Experience

Rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction entails embracing positive lifestyle changes. Many rehab centers offer holistic practices to help you live in the moment, without being distracted by past wounds or future concerns. Getting out and enjoying nature is an excellent way of discovering the world around you with fresh – and sober – eyes.

Employ Strategies for Sobriety at Summer Events

Just because you are in recovery from addiction, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid social gatherings. The summer months are always punctuated with events and activities that you’ll want to get involved in. Before attending, make sure you have a strategy for escaping if you feel pressured to join in the celebrations by drinking or using drugs. Take your own car or ride with people who are also sober and supportive of your sobriety.

Celebrate Your Milestones

Rehab is intended to boost your self-confidence so that you feel empowered in your sobriety. One way of maintaining motivation to continue in abstinence is to celebrate your successes. Write down your goals, even if you consider them to be relatively small such as engaging in physical exercise on a daily basis and work towards them. Make sure you recognize when you have achieved your milestone and reward yourself for maintaining your sobriety.

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