Summer Activities to Help You Have Fun during Recovery

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When a person has worked hard in rehab to overcome an addiction, they can often feel left out from social occasions. This can be because they equate having a good time with taking drugs or using alcohol which makes it hard for them to accept that you can have fun and remain sober. To help avoid this, let's take a look at some activities that aren’t centered on alcohol that can boost a person’s recovery efforts through the summer months.

Stay Sober Over the Summer with A Recovery Program In Southern California

It always helps people in recovery to surround themselves with others who support them in their journey. Finding fun in life without alcohol can be as simple as tapping into childhood memories of activities that you previously enjoyed. Eliminating enabling influences is an essential part of protecting yourself from relapse in recovery and so it makes sense to avoid environments where drug taking or alcohol use is accepted, even encouraged.

It’s vital to stick to your recovery objectives which can sometimes mean taking a stance against doing something that might endanger your sobriety. Here are some fun summer activities in Southern California that don’t require any alcohol or drugs to enjoy them to the fullest:

1. Drive-In Movies and Picnics

Finding entertainment and leisure where you are fully in control of the environment is an excellent idea for a recovering addict. Picnics and drive-in movies offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the company of supportive friends and family, without the pressure of having to drink or take drugs.

2. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor pursuits like biking, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, sailing, and horseback riding are a good choice for people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle while in recovery. Not only are these activities good for physical fitness, they can also contribute significantly to improving your mental health. Facing challenges outside your comfort zone with an outdoor activity helps you achieve your recovery objectives much faster.

3. Interactive Indoor Activities

Interactive activities like laser tag, paintball, mini golf, go-carts, and arcades are more like games that can be played with friends and family. You can really tap into your childish side with laser tag and go-carts, etc., and shows you that it is perfectly possible to have a thoroughly good time without the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. Water Parks, Theme Parks, National Parks and Monuments

Just taking a day to absorb local sights or attractions can be very beneficial for someone looking to relax and enjoy life without alcohol or other substances. Southern California is jam-packed full of incredible things to see and do and the summer months offer the wonderful opportunity to make the most of them.

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