The Importance of Self-Care During Recovery

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One of the most important achievements in rehab is replacing negative bad habits with new, healthy ones. As part of this process, it is often essential for people to turn their backs on people or places where they may have been enabled to continue with substance abuse before rehab. One of the key things a person in recovery needs to keep foremost in their minds is the state of their physical and mental health. Taking care of oneself promotes a more positive frame of mind which is an essential tool to motivate people to remain sober.

Ways to Maintain Self-Care Throughout Recovery

Here we take a look at some ways you can take better care of yourself in recovery:

·         Love Yourself: Many people struggling with substance abuse have very low self-esteem which needs to be lifted in order for them to overcome their difficulties.

·         Relax: Meditation is a good way of achieving a relaxed state although there are numerous ways you can take things at a slower pace and enjoy a calmer state of mind. Pottering in the garden or just sitting and reading can allow the body and mind time to rest and rejuvenate.

·         Find Balance: It is very difficult for all of us to make ourselves a priority with everything we have to deal with in daily life. That said, achieving a sound work-life balance is important in making sure you avoid stress which can often trigger substance abuse.

·         Find Support: Research shows that recovering addicts are better motivated to maintain sobriety if they feel they are supported. Having someone who understands addiction to reach out to when faced with a stressful trigger situation can be the difference between relapsing or not.

·         Set Boundaries: Some people find it hard to set boundaries with others during their recovery as they feel they may push them away. It is a hard fact that many people might indeed distance themselves from a recovering addict, particularly if they have a problem themselves. Knowing your limits and making them clear to others is essential for staying on the right side of the tracks.

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