Helpful Tips for Avoiding Relapse

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Because of our wider understanding of substance use disorder or addiction, we now recognize it as a chronic brain disease that can be effectively treated. Part of that treatment consists of preparing people for many years in recovery, where they may face a threat to their sobriety through relapse. Relapse-prevention is an integral part of rehab treatment that arms individuals with the tools to cope with triggers or stresses that would otherwise lead to substance use.

Methods of Relapse-Prevention

It is important that people know that relapse does not mean they have failed in their attempts to overcome addiction. It is also vital they recognize the internalized issues that might be driving substance abuse and how to deal with them. One therapy that is commonly used to help patients identify their personal drivers of addiction is CBT. CBT is a behavioral therapy that sets out to find the root causes of substance abuse so that they can be addressed.

Holistic therapies such as meditation and yoga are also used in a rehab setting as coping mechanisms for triggers for relapse. This provides individuals with a completely natural way of supporting their sobriety by calling upon learned skills and techniques as relapse-prevention. Many people who have been abusing substances for some time benefit from mindfulness practices like meditation, particularly as an alternative to medical treatments.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of relapse-prevention is state of mind. When a person enters rehab, they are generally ready to commit to achieving sobriety. However, after the initial detox phase of treatment, their resolve can be pushed to the limits. As they begin to crave substances, their state of mind will be diverted away from healing themselves and back to substance abuse. This is one of the main reasons it is always recommended people seek specialist addiction treatment such as that offered at Capo Canyon Recovery.

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