Helpful Tips for Holding an Intervention

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There are still many misconceptions about people with addiction, which often serves as a barrier to them getting the help they need. It is not surprising then that many individuals in rehab centers committed to treatment only after the intervention of their friends and family. An intervention is a planned event designed to show an addicted loved one that their problems with substance abuse have affected others. Interventions are also aimed at getting a loved one checked into an addiction recovery program immediately following the event.

Recognize the Need and Benefits

An intervention is often the last resort of family and friends of an addict as a mechanism to get them to recognize their problem. It is important to understand that addiction is a mental illness that means a person is driven by compulsion to abuse substances. It is also vital that family and friends know that there is treatment available that can turn their loved one’s life around.

Find an Appropriate Time

The timing of an intervention is crucial to its success. Firstly, it should be established if the loved one concerned actually has a substance abuse problem. Perhaps the most common characteristic of addiction and one that is easy to see is that people continue to abuse substances even when their lives are falling apart. If a loved one’s personal, financial and work circumstances have changed beyond recognition since they started using drugs or alcohol, it is very likely they have a problem requiring treatment.

Plan Ahead

An intervention should be planned well in advance so that everyone involved has their say but does so without confrontation or judgment. Interventions are emotionally-charged events and so it is important participants work from a pre-prepared script so they make their point clearly and without deviation. Interventions also provide family and friends with the opportunity to let their addicted loved one know what the consequences will be if they fail to get treatment. Everyone taking part needs to be prepared to carry out their ‘threats’ if their addicted loved one doesn’t seek help.

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