How Exercise Can Help You During Addiction Recovery

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When a person has been suffering with addiction illness, their physical health is very likely to have deteriorated as a result. A poor diet, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise combine with the dangers of substance abuse to increase the potential for long-term health problems unless treatment is sought. For this reason, physical exercise is widely considered to be a very important component of addiction treatment.

The Benefits of Exercise during Recovery

Physical exercise is extremely beneficial for individuals combating addiction for the following reasons:

·         It boosts production of natural serotonin which gives you a healthy high feeling

·         A regular exercise program increases a person’s self-esteem

·         Physical exercise has been proven to be an effective weapon against stress and anxiety

·         Recovering addicts can use exercise to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones

Many people who develop addiction to drugs and alcohol start using as a result of another mental health condition such as depression, PTSD, eating disorders and anxiety, etc. Physical exercise as part of an addiction treatment program allows people to recognize their achievements as they progress which in turn reduces other symptoms of mental illness.

In order for a person in rehab to gain the benefits of physical exercise, it is not essential to become an overnight athlete. Even as little as 10 minutes’ for a brisk walk can be sufficient to restore clarity and improve wellbeing. Generally speaking, people find that once they commit to taking more exercise, they become progressively more active from that point onwards.

Discover the Benefits of Exercise during Recovery at Capo Canyon Recovery

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