Stay Motivated During Recovery

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When someone is working to overcome addiction, their motivation plays a crucial part. Motivation not only provides all the logical reasoning people need to heal, but also keeps them from relapsing further down the line. Although many people accept the importance of motivation in recovery, they are still uncertain as to what that means for them. Here we take a closer look at ways individuals can stay motivated and achieve long term recovery.

The Keys to Staying Motivated

There is no “one size fits all” approach to getting people motivated for change but that is what is required to truly overcome addiction. Everything depends on the individual although there are some steps you can take to improve your motivation you can personalize to your own aspirations:

·         Set goals and really visualize how you want your life to be

·         Break those goals down into milestones and choose the rewards you’ll earn when you’ve reached them

·         Make a list of all the things you want to change and commit them to paper

·         If your motivation wanes, have something in place to get you back on track, (such as reading a few paragraphs from an inspirational book for example)

·         Be prepared to review your plan towards achieving your goals because flexibility is vital

·         Remember that change is very possible if you work towards it and it’s always possible to start over

We sometimes forget what our dreams and aspirations were as a child, particularly when they get lost in the mist of addiction. By reconnecting with our hopes for the future, we can establish a clear set of milestones and goals to achieve them.

Find Your Motivation during Recovery in Orange County, CA

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