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How to Choose the Right Detox Facility

If you or a loved one needs detox from drug or alcohol addiction, finding the right facility can be a very daunting task. Can you afford it? What should you look for? Is it a residential facility or not? Has the staff got the right credentials for the job? There are so many questions you want answers to that it can seem like an impossible task. We here at Capo Canyon want to arm you with the tools you need to pick the right facility:

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New Habits for the New Year for Successful Addiction Recovery

As with trying to lose weight, recovering from addiction can be a lot easier when you retrain yourself and acquire new habits to promote good health. It has been proven that if you adapt and change your behavior in your day-to-day regularly enough, new habits are formed that improve your health and more importantly, steer you away from addictive behavior patterns.

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