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Why Painkillers are Getting Abused More Frequently

Prescription painkiller abuse has become a significant problem in America in recent years due to the rising use of opioid-based medications for chronic health conditions. Many people working in the addiction field believe that the fact opiate medications are initially prescribed by physicians has made the problem somehow “acceptable”.

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Opioid Addiction: Hard to Treat but Possible to Overcome

Opioid addiction has become such a significant issue in the US that it is being referred to as an epidemic. In 2017 more than 64,000 Americans lost their lives after taking fatal doses of opioids and this figure is rising. The opioid crisis has quietly developed over the years as rising numbers of people are prescribed opiate-based meds to treat conditions causing chronic pain.

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The Effect of Heroin and Opioids on the Brain

Opioids and heroin have specific effects on the brain that can make them particularly difficult drugs to detox naturally. According to research, there are a few natural opioids produced by the body including endorphins that effect specific protein receptors in the brain to give a feeling of wellbeing. This is the reason why physical activity often gives you a buzz or ‘high’ feeling.

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