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New Year, New You: Making the Change at New Year

It’s a New Year and an ideal time to make positive changes. During the holiday season, many people overindulge in lots of ways and once the New Year starts the need to take action becomes a common goal. Some people may want to give up smoking and take up jogging while others may set a goal of giving up snack foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives.

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Resolutions to Make in Preparation for the New Year

Shifting from the old year into the new gives us all the opportunity to take a retrospective look at our lives and make adjustments for a more positive future. This is especially important for recovering addicts who can benefit greatly from focusing more on what is to come, rather than dwelling on what has been. Making New Year resolutions is a great way to incorporate new, healthy behaviors into your life while eliminating the habits or attitudes that hold you back from a full life in sobriety.

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New Habits for the New Year for Successful Addiction Recovery

As with trying to lose weight, recovering from addiction can be a lot easier when you retrain yourself and acquire new habits to promote good health. It has been proven that if you adapt and change your behavior in your day-to-day regularly enough, new habits are formed that improve your health and more importantly, steer you away from addictive behavior patterns.

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